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I have always been interested in food….  Cooking it, buying it, growing it  and of course eating it! Growing up in an Italian family, I watched how my grandparent’s lives pretty much revolved around food. Grandpa would grow a big garden and catch fish in the San Francisco Bay. Grandma would spend hours in the kitchen shelling fava beans, making ravioli or preparing tomato sauce to be frozen for the coming year.

I guess I have the cooking gene in my DNA. Over the years, I have changed my ways of eating to include more whole and organic foods and less processed foods. I am always searching for ways to feel better with what I eat.

In my twenty-five years as a physical therapist I have enjoyed helping people regain function and feel better. I have also seen my limitations and have come to realize that so many people just weren’t getting better because of poor diet. That’s when a burning desire arose in me to learn about holistic nutrition and I completed the certificate program of the Nutritional Therapy Association to become a Nutritional Therapy Practioner in June 2014.

Additional Training:
Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner September 2015
GAPS Practitioner October 2015

My ongoing nutritional journey has been amazing and I look forward to helping others on their journeys to achieve more vibrant health with deep nutrition.